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College-Level Music Theory Curriculum

Learn the music theory with this award-winning, certified 
course that over 200,000 students have already found.

Major universities are using this exact curriculum and students are paying up to $25,000 to access these materials.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, several universities reached out to us to use these course materials as the music theory curriculum for their university music-majors. 

So not only is this the only university-level music theory program fully available online, but it is the program used by major universities.

What students are saying...

Who is this class for?

This class is designed to emulate a college-level music theory program lasting four semesters. It starts at the very beginning: with reading music, identifying notes and intervals, and basic chords. After students are comfortable with those concepts, they move on to counterpoint, part-writing, arranging, and composing.

Students do not need to know how to read music or play the piano to get started. This class is great for any instrumentalist or singer, and does not force you to learn to play the piano. Anyone interested in composition, songwriting, film scoring, performing, or music appreciation will love this class!