Included in this course

Nearly 1,000 Videos

Dr. Allen’s videos are heralded as being patient, friendly, and welcoming. He will go slow, making sure you understand each concept before moving on. Students around the world have praised this curriculum based simply on the teaching style (including all the bad jokes and “dad humor”) of Dr. Allen.

Dr. Allen is a composer and university professor, so he not only values education, but he takes a creative songwriting approach to music theory. 

Learn more about Dr. Allen and how he made this course here.

Supporting Materials

In addition to the videos, this class comes with 43 worksheets (with answer keys), 40 analysis projects (with score and PDF files), 21 MuseScore and PDF score files to follow along with, Listening Lists for recommended study, and more. You will not be short on ways to practice and apply your new-found music theory expertise. 

Q & A

Not sure about something? 
Students can post a question and get an answer directly from Dr. Allen within 24 hours. In addition, students are invited to communicate with each other on project feedback. Dr. Allen will chime in on these as well. There is even a private Facebook group dedicated to just students so you can communicate even more, if you want.

The Promise of The International Association of Online Music Educators and Institutions

The video content, additional materials, and student forums have been evaluated by an independent group of educators representing IAOMEI, and they have given this course their 5-Star seal of approval – their highest rating. 


This course includes almost 5,000 minutes of content, so if you watched it continuously, it would take you about 3 and half days.  We highly don’t recommend that. Instead, aiming to get through one lesson a week, by watching one video a day (on average) is a good pace. Assuming you have some time to practice the concepts, it will take you 3 or 4 months to get through all the content at that rate.

The videos on this website are by a subscription model. That means you can watch any video as many times as you like, and go at your own pace. Once you cancel the subscription, your will no longer have access to the videos. 

The worksheets, PDFs, and other materials are all downloadable, and you are welcome to keep those forever.


If you really don’t like the content after a week or checking it out, we are happy to refund your subscription costs in full. Just send us an email. After two weeks we will assume you love the class and can not offer refunds.

No, at least not yet. We really want to implement subtitles but it is very expensive. 

At the end of the course you will be given a certificate of completion. If you are enrolled in a college music program, you can show this certificate to your music theory professor. Completion of this course will not, in most cases, get you college credit. However, it might get you the ability to “test-out” of some or all music theory requirements at your university.